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Argentia Gold is proud to be your Friendly Neighbourhood Producer of premium cannabis. 

We’re always adding new products and flower strains to our repertoire, so check back often! 

Our whole flower and pre-rolls are available in local shops, but consider buying online via the NLC website.

We serve Newfoundland and Labrador first and foremost. Online orders will be delivered within days, as opposed to orders placed with out-of-province suppliers, which often require weeks of waiting.
Argentia Gold’s local delivery costs are far lower than what mainland producers charge. You can count on it. 


argentia gold product

[Critical Kush] 

This Indica-dominant hybrid flower has a strong THC potency along with its vast, inviting aromas of grape, spice, citrus, basil, and lavender. Packed with flavour, this flower delivers an earthy warmth to the overall aroma.

16%-20% THC   160-200 mg/g 
Terpenes: Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Beta Myrcene

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[Hash Plant] 

With an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio, Darkest Side of the Moon is a hybrid with some history behind it. The strain originated in Holland in the early 1980s, said to be a cross between Hash Plant strains and Northern Lights #1.

Each nugget holds a woody, earthy aroma, a real sweetness, and a deliciously tangy, spicy taste!
Darkest Side will make you feel exceptionally relaxed, so don't be surprised if you're locked to your couch.

23% THC   230 mg/g 
Available now at your local NL cannabis shop!

wreck and leisure product

[Powdered Donuts] 

Settle in for Wreck and Leisure, a hybrid flower containing one of our highest grown levels of THC. With complimentary flavour notes of vanilla, citrus, and spice, this comforting blend makes for a perfectly cozy night in.

24%-28% THC   240-280 mg/g 
Terpenes: Alpha Humulene, Limonene, Beta Myrcene, Trans-Caryophyllene

lemon pepper spice product

[Green Poison] 

This flower has strong THC potency along with its aromas of lemon, citrus, spice, and a floral arrangement. Partners well with a relaxing evening.

18%-22% THC   180-220 mg/g 
Terpenes: Beta Myrcene, Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, Beta Pinene, Alpha Humulene

windjammer product

[Cannalope Haze] 

Windjammer is a Sativa flower, named after the historic nightclub at the WWII naval base which would become Argentia Gold HQ. Boasting bold, ripe aromas of melon, spice, and wood, this flower has a sweet and herb-like flavour.

16%-20% THC   160-200 mg/g 
Terpenes: Alpha Bisabolol, Guaiol, Trans-Ocimene, Beta Myrcene

california dreaming product

[California Indica] 

This Indica flower is a dream in the making. With its uniquely earthy and spicy flavours, this flower is a must-have for dreaming of resting and relaxing under the rays of the California sun.

18%-22% THC   180-220 mg/g 
Terpenes: Alpha Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Beta Myrcene


In addition to top-quality dried flower, soon we’ll be offering a variety of CBD- and THC-infused products including edibles, beverages, medical creams and lotions, and bath and beauty items. These items are currently in development and will be brought to the Newfoundland and Labrador market first.

We’re committed to bringing all our premium products to our home province quickly, consistently, and at a great value.

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